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Promotion for Rippl-TV

  • Author:Tomato
  • Release on :2014-12-18

Android quad core media player with great XBMC google tv box Rippl-TV, it is the newest android tv box brand in Shenzhen Tomato Technology Co.,Ltd. This newest brand with following main features:

1.It will still keep the most popular model in 2015 since it ranks No.1 in 2014
2. Designed in USA with cool technical support
3. Wonderful software optimization and unique friendly XBMC performance
4. It is Tomato private mould,only Tomato has such unique mould
5. It always has enough stocks,no need to worry about its delivery time
6. Its price is strictly controlled by us to keep health market competition,thus can protect and guarantee partners’ benefits all the time

Rippl-TV it is designed by USA engineer, produce in china, it is cooperated and international products, in the future will bring more surprise to our customers, welcome you order samples from now on!
android quad core Rippl-TV