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Industry News

The application of Full HD Media player in public
Release on 2014-10-21The application of Full HD Media player in public 1According to the four traditional advertising is "the press, radio, television, the Internet," deve...Read More
Main new features for Google Android 5.0 Lollipop
Release on 2014-10-20Recently,Shenzhen Tomato Technology Co., Ltd launched many new android tv box, such as MK288,T288 andQ8,welcome to visit us. At the same time,Google r...Read More
Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop system
Release on 2014-10-20Shenzhen TomatoTechnology Co., Ltd, a reliable supplier of Smart Android TV Box in Shenzhen, China.It has beenin android TV box area for many years, s...Read More
Digital Signage Application(5)
Release on 2014-10-17The main solution is as follows: 1. KTV Digital Signage Each KTV There are many places to use an LCD TV or monitor to play KTV publicity, promotional...Read More
Digital Signage Application(4)
Release on 2014-10-17The main solution is as follows: 1. shopping malls or retail stores Such as super markets, clothing stores, mobile phone stores. Store digital signag...Read More
Digital Signage Application(3)
Release on 2014-10-16The main solution is as follows:(3) 1. elevator multimedia digital signage The elevator multimedia information system is different from the general...Read More
Digital Signage Application(2)
Release on 2014-10-16The main solution is as follows:(2) 1. the medical industry digital signage This system is mainly used within the hospital enterprise network plat...Read More
Digital Signage Application(1)
Release on 2014-10-16By combining digital signage streaming media servers and a variety of set-top boxes and provide a variety of applications and solutions. All system is...Read More
Digital Signage Features
Release on 2014-10-13Digital Signage Features: 1. A fool of program editing interface, operating personnel without special training, you can apply anytime arbitrary editin...Read More
what is Digital Signage
Release on 2014-10-11Digital Signage (Digital Signage) is a new media concept, refers to large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other ...Read More
About M8 Google Tv Box
Release on 2014-10-09M8 Google Tv Box except its rich video resources, it has ability to play video decoding and it is all boxes leader. TM8 Tv Box has a very rich decodin...Read More
Education industry with Smart set top box
Release on 2014-10-09To used the education industry and Internet by Smart set top box as early as already appears in a dozen years ago. Firstly, based on in distance educa...Read More
How to improve media streaming
Release on 2014-10-08The advent of faster Internet connections has enabled users to watch video,listen to radio and experience other media live online. You can stream meda...Read More
Android tv box further development on Linux
Release on 2014-09-29Shenzhen TomatoTechnology Co., Ltd,as a trusted leader of android tv box in Shenzhen,China,we are happy to focus more time on R&D,thencreate more amaz...Read More
OTT TV BOX usage in the United States
Release on 2014-09-26In The United States , OTT Tv Box has begun to gradually replace cable TV. Now more and more people don’t used cable TV, but more and more households...Read More
About the origin of OTT TV BOX
Release on 2014-09-26OTT means Over The Top. It was original from a sports term, but now is also used ICT industry, OTTST means that we do not rely on operators special fa...Read More
Android Smart TV Box
Release on 2014-09-25Android Smart TV Box are connected together via the Internet so that we can reach the TV like a computer as Internet shopping, chatting,YOUTUBE, With ...Read More
Cross-border consumer electronics demand
Release on 2014-09-24Recently, cross-border electronic business platform DHgate revealed that consumer electronicssales outstanding, accounting forup to 25.6% in the first...Read More