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The difference between Amlogic S905 and Amlogic S805 chipset

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:2016.01.12
  • Release on :2016-01-12

The difference between Amlogic S905 and Amlogic S805 chipset . The Amlogic S905 chipest has improved in several ways as below:


 1) 64 bit CPU while maintaining the same power, CPU's computing power has greatly improved.


2)Having 4K2K ability to decode and make 4K become standard.


3) HDMI 2.0 interface makes 4K display perfectly rendered.


4) The higher DDR process efficiency, decoding, applications to enjoy greater bandwidth.


5) Low-power design, the use of the box, Dongle and a series of products.


6) 28nm advanced technology to ensure that complex systems at high frequencies and better stability.


7) An important feature of the high-security chip hardware modules are designed to meet the various DRM 4K video chip used for hardware design requirements.

Safe Boot,anti brush mechanism has been fully inherited.


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