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The main purpose of intelligent google tv box

  • Author:TOMATO
  • Source:2013-12-16
  • Release on :2014-12-16

Shenzhen TOMATO Company specialized in android smart tv box/google tv box for several years. Which have rich experience.

Google tv box can replace the traditional cable TV, digital TV, DVD, VCD, allowing you to enjoy network HD movies, drama, world geography program, variety, comedy and so on television.

Google tv box
product design compact, easy to carry on a business trip, so you have a "network", and also reached the entertainment!

Google tv box
can play acoustic blockbusters, learning video, you can learn a foreign language, distance education!

Smart tv box
 stylish exquisite, the best gift is the gift of family and friends!

Network Player domestic or overseas Chinese watch television, the ideal way to watch domestic movies, episodes!