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Yeah! New TV Box !

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-17
Now TV box has already begun to depend on the price of its populist, as well as the massive amounts of memory is popular with many users, but there are some new users are deceived by each big manufacturer of all kinds of slogan, spend money to no avail, not buy real useful box. Therefore, in the process of selecting the TV box, we need very carefully.

In a wide variety of box markets, how can we choose a satisfactory product? The next is to introduce one of our products which are cost-effective- Full hd android tv box, let you no longer waste money.

QUAD CORE Rippl-TV V2 is an operating system that integrates the best Android Lollipop for the television and the addition of all device structures so you do not lose compatibility of applications that's built for tablets and phones. With Playstore and Aptoide pre-installed you can't go wrong for Apps in any fashion.
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE RIPPL-TV V2 let you customize your experience from what goes in the menu bars to various add-ons to get the most of your media center. We have added Track.tv. so you can catalog all of your watched or aspirant media. There are endless possibilities to fine-tune it to just the way you like it.