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Beginning from today, you can use the Android smartphone and tablet screen projection to TV

  • Author:sztomato.com
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-03-13

  Beginning from today, you can use the Android smartphone and tablet screen projection to TV using any of the applications, browse pictures you like anything, such as accurate say is to make your mobile screen become "bigger".The whole operation process is very simple。

 About Onenuts HD Smart Cable:

Onenuts HD Smart Cable is a sharing device which can cast the videos, pictures, audio and games of small-screen devices to another big-screen devices, such as HDTV, Monitor or Projectors.
--movies, TV shows, music, video, audio, photo and more from youtube, IE browser, chrome browser and etc.

No more only oneself enjoy happiness by small screens and tiny speakers.
Use it, so you can share the happiness with your family or friend together on your big HDTV or projector!
No Need Personal Hotspot/Airplay, No Need WiFi Connection, No Need to install any driver/app, No Need Cell Network to make it work any more.

How to use: 

◆ This cable has three ends. Plug your phones' original charging cable via the cable's one connector to your phones(iPhone and Android);
◆ Plug the USD connector to the 5v/1a outlet to supply power;
◆ Plug the HDMI connector to the TV/Projector hdmi port. Only 1 minute to finish.
◆ PLUG AND PLAY, Trust for different devices 

a. For IOS Devices: just click the "Trust" button at the beginning while plug to your iPhone/Samsung, and then wait about 5-10 seconds for connection automatically.

b. For Samsung Cellphone: Please open your cellphone "Developer Options", then choose "USB debugging", then click"OK" to trust the devices.