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2015 Merry Christmas!

  • Author:Tomato
  • Release on :2015-12-25

Today it is Christmas day, tomato wish all customers and friends happy everyday, enjoy great holidays! Christmas it is the same important as Chinese New Year, our great customers can have a good relax for a few days! Hope they have more fun and families united party time during these days then focus on working after great holidays.

Christmas it is happy time for customers, it is also happy time for us, customers will get a lot of gifts from their families or relatives and so on, we all got lucky apples on Christmas Eve which made us feel like our festival, everywhere it is with Christmas things, a lot of people in restauraut and on bus, very happy and cool time! If Chinese New Year, most people will go back their hometown, Shenzhen will be very quiet and few people stay here for New Year united time. Let us enjoy this great moment! Happy for you!

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