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TV box - today's fashion trends

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-24
The Internet does create a miracle, but behind miracles, there are increasingly prominent problems that give people a great challenge.

For example, the gap between rich and poor information began to expand, the distribution of wealth inequality; network openness and globalization, and promote the sharing of human knowledge and economic globalization.

Internet development has gone through three stages: research network, running network and commercial network. So far, no one in the world can know the exact size of the Internet.

The Internet is moving at an alarming rate that people have expected, and today's Internet has gradually changed people's work and way of life in every way.

People can at any time from the Internet to understand the latest weather information, news and travel information, you can see the day of the newspaper and the latest magazines, you can stay at home online shopping, enjoy remote medical and distance education and so on.

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In the case of a high degree of development of the Internet, many products are also produced, such as TV boxes.

Because of the Internet, the TV box was able to play their own advantages, you can in the traditional TV to achieve web browsing, online video playback, application installation, and even your mobile phone, flat photos and video projected to the home of the big Screen TV.