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Great invention - TV box

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:Tomate.com
  • Release on :2017-05-19
Television development process

In 1924, British inventor Baird invented the world's first television television show.

In 1933, Zvorkin invented the embryonic form of modern television - electronic television.

In 1958, the Tianjin wireless electronics factory to create China's first black and white television, called "Beijing", was hailed as "China's first screen". In the same year, television began piloting.

In 1970, China's first color television was also born in Tianjin.

In 1974, the Beijing Hotel was equipped with the first Chinese cable television, which was to be installed on cable.

In 1988, China successfully launched synchronous satellites. Two years later, the satellite relayed the launch of the Asian satellite on the 1st, from that moment opened the prelude to Chinese satellite television.

90 years, television can be considered universal in China, each household has a television. Cable transmission technology to satellite, the television industry is improving.

Now there is a television box that is a small computer terminal equipment, as simple as using HDMI technology or color line and other traditional TV connections you can in traditional television for web browsing , Network video playback, application installation, and even place your photos and videos from your mobile phone, tablet and video into a big screen TV at home.