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How should I buy TV box instead of smart TV box?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-10-31
Now watch TV no longer keep on all star TV show, the TV network emerge in an endless stream let consumers choose many, but the basic premise is the need to watch television network TV with the Internet function, the traditional TV is not the most, but many families were not ordinary TV replacement for smart TV plans. So the best way is to buy a Best Android TV Box HDMI, so that ordinary TV can achieve most of the functions of smart tv.

But many people have never bought a TV box, the face of the market range of box products, how to choose a suitable for their own needs the box? What aspects should we consider when choosing a box?

Look brand
It's a guarantee for consumers to choose affordable and bigger brands. As for electrical products, although every products are quality inspection after sales in line, but whether the electronic products will be difficult to predict this or that problem in the process of using the brand security products in the technology is more mature, the quality will be relatively stable even if, once fault occurs, the brand products will have a better customer service and security service.
See configuration
As an electronic product, data processing is needed, so the processor, memory and flash of a Android Smart TV Box are important configuration data. At present, most of the processors on the market are 4 core processors, but the difference in memory and flash will make the box running speed has obvious difference. 1G memory and 2G memory, 4G flash and 8G flash exist when the new box may not be obvious difference, but after running for a period of time, there will be a significant difference.

In addition, the cooling box also need to consider the issue of ordinary home TV are at least a few hours, the box will run for a long time to see the heating, cooling holes on the box case, if the heat is bad, will affect the operation of the box, and even affect the service life of the box.

See license plate
License plate is mainly to see whether the box with the resources have a formal license. Because of the current radio and television box products of the audit is more stringent, so in the purchase must understand whether the box equipped with regular, licensed broadcast control platform.

See resources
Although most resources can play their installation, but when the purchase box should also consider whether it has provided with formal brand resources, content resources providers but some big brands will have their formal cooperation, have regular resources to provide consumers more convenient to use.

Although a variety of Installing Kodi on Android TV Box on the market very much, buy a good box must consider a variety of factors, such as buy a brand based box, either in use or need customer service can have certain security, the other is to see some basic parameters of the box, the box will be cheap but some based on the configuration of some poor, if you want to use for a long time, considering the above advice, the selection and configuration of a little higher, better product brand reputation.