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99% of all people use TV boxes to make mistakes. Are you shooting? 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on:2017-07-25
Today I will talk about the wrong practice of using TV boxes. These habits do not seem obvious at first, but over time they greatly damage the life of the TV box!

NO.4 place the environment away from the water and away from the magnetic field

Most people use the UDP Broadcasting Android tv box, which is next to the TV set and next to the TV set. But some people prefer to put a sea view basin, fish culture near the TV, or a kettle next door. It's best to keep these damp things away from TV and TV boxes. Besides moisture, it's hard to avoid spilling water over a box or tv.
Apart from the damp, TV box device using magnetic media, SO, also must be far away from the magnetic field, the magnetic field source such as common audio, mobile phone, speaker and so on; otherwise easily magnetized damage box, shorten the service life.

NO.5 frequent plug and drop interface

There are all kinds of interfaces behind the Set top box HDMI Input support USB3.0, which is not suitable for inserting and pulling too frequently. This result leads to slot damage, loose, bad contact and so on.
In addition, when connecting and disconnecting, you should also pay attention to moderate force to reduce the damage to the box and interface caused by brute force.

No.6: install informal third party software

Many people think that Android Smart TV Box with SATA 3.0 is third party software free installation, but the third party software is genuine piracy, so the installation of a genuine software in the TV box, through the third party software can download many official genuine video software, can greatly prolong the service life of the TV box.

Things are small, but they are also worth noting. Change the mode of use, you can greatly increase the life of the TV box, optimize the use of TV box experience, why not?