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The Best TV Box!

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-24
The significance of the Internet is not its size, but rather that it provides a new global information infrastructure.

In today's world, the information industry has developed into a new pillar industry of the developed countries in the world. It has become a new source of impetus to the rapid development of the world economy and has penetrated into various fields, especially in recent years.

And the development of its application, fundamentally changed people's ideas and production and lifestyle, to promote the development of all walks of life, and become an important symbol of the era of knowledge economy.

With the opening of the Internet to commercial applications, it has become a very good electronic commercial media. Many companies and companies not only use it as an important means of market sales and customer support, but also as a cheap alternative to fax, courier and other means of communication, in order to maintain contact with global customers and reduce daily operating costs.

Such as the TV box, it can be Internet content through its play on the TV, previously in the Internet field known as the network high-definition player, after the SARFT is defined as the Internet TV set-top box. It is connected with the Internet with the smart TV, collectively referred to as "Internet TV."