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What do you have about the TV box?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-02
With the reform and opening up, society is developing rapidly, people's lives are also fast pace forward, living under high pressure, you will feel tired, tired, then you need to relax yourself, ease the pressure. Then I sincerely recommend to you smart android tv box, a smart to meet your requirements of the invention.
Power to share, support DLNA, airplay can be, the phone in the photos, video, what cast into the TV, especially the return of travel and family together when the special easy to use;

Play shared files, local computers and routers on the high-definition video can play, do not need to use U disk copy to copy, and this need a more powerful route;

Some of the magic of the live APP, you can see a lot of foreign television and high-definition sports live.

Family KTV, some support the amplifier can be connected to the Bluetooth microphone, festivals and friends with K songs to play particularly convenient;

Somatosensory games and arcade simulation; now a lot of box configuration are very high, not only can watch the video can also play Some big point of the 3D game, with the Bluetooth handle, and occasionally play arcade and PSP aftertaste under the very good.

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