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TV box CPU

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-07-12
TV box is a small computing terminal, simply by HDMI or color line technology to connect it with traditional TV, can realize web browsing, video playback, network applications installed on the traditional TV, mobile phone, you can even be flat in the photo and video projection in the home of the big screen television.
At present, television boxes can be divided into three categories, one is shopping as the heavy box, and the other is the UDP Broadcasting Android tv box for young people. There is also a TV box designed for parents only.
It can broadcast the Internet content on its TV set, which was previously called "network HD player" in the Internet field, and was defined as "Internet TV set-top box" by sarft. It is connected to the smart TV that can be connected to the Internet, collectively called "Internet TV"".

If the smart device is a life of words, that CPU is one of the most important brain, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computer, are no exception, of course also includes the rise in recent years, smart TVs and TV boxes, TV box CPU is the entire brain, CPU officially called "Central processor" it is a very large scale integrated circuit, operation and control of core core is a Android tv box HDMI input for video recording, a small percentage of the area, but take the most important function.
The chip integrates the industry's high-end high-definition video engine and advanced security technology to support a variety of open source software development environment. In the audio and video, game performance, image processing and other aspects have shown outstanding performance, support for ultra high definition voice codec, support H.265, 4K and other ultra high definition video hardware and software decoding.

Currently, the smart android tv box processor has dual core, quad core, eight core, even sixteen core, thirty core and other forms.