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Can a TV stick look at 5000 stations around the world

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-12-01
It is reported that there are a lot of small advertisements selling TV clubs on the streets of Haikou. Such small ads not only hit the eye - catching words of "men," but also publicly announced that they could receive signals from the satellite.

Through a reporter's interview, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Haikou, told reporters that he spent 100 yuan on buying a stick android smart tv  from a merchant in Haikou. After the arrival of the goods, it was found, this is introduced as "5000 high-definition table watch" TV stick, very unfluent. "As he says, it's just like inserting a U disk on a computer to see it. But every time I open it, the computer will die. " Mr. Wang said he suspected that the merchant had sold him a fake and inferior product.
Recently, a journalist dialed a sales phone on a small advertisement on Gordon East Street, Haikou, as a buyer. The man on the phone calls himself named Hou, and can offer 130 yuan, 150 yuan and 190 yuan, three kinds of best android tv stick. The cheapest 130 yuan TV stick can also take 2000 stations. And 190 yuan of TV sticks, not only can receive 5000 stations in the world, but also the adult cinema. After paying the money, you can get the password to enter the adult cinema.

The reporter then agreed to meet with the "Mr. Hou" to meet on the Haikou road street. After seeing each other, the 20 year old Mr. Hou presented a TV stick marked with V-star to the reporter. He said that if he took it home, if he could not use it, he could refund it at the original price. The reporter, dissatisfied with the appearance of the OEM hdmi android stick, offered to pick out other products at the man's home, and the man hesitated for a moment. The reporter saw in one of the houses in the city were at the home, Mr. Hou, placed hundreds of tv. The reporter asked to sell TV stick so privately, is it not afraid of being checked by someone? He dismisly said that he left the phone outside, and contacted the buyer by telephone, and the law enforcement officer didn't know where he was.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter reflected the situation to the Haikou industry and Commerce Department. Fucheng gate and the staff told reporters, in accordance with the relevant provisions, to sell the "three noes" products, dissemination of pornographic information is prohibited by the state. The TV bar, like the satellite pot investigated and investigated before, is suspected of receiving satellite signals illegally and violates the relevant regulations, and they will be investigated and dealt with.