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How much do you know about the purpose of the HDMI

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:ztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-03-21

Video Signal Quality over HDMI:

I became blown away by the crystal-clear images produced if we transitioned to HDMI cabling. Previously, over S-Video, the playback quality signal was very watchable if you did not have a benchmark, can you know very well what you are missing. However, once the HDMI cables were in place, the photo wowed everyone. There wasn't any more fuzziness on-screen. It was especially noticeable since seating arrangement had us at the front of the screening machine. Normally (and that i learned this from sitting towards the TV probably longer than I ought to have as a kid) the closer you receive, the harder pixelated the look becomes and it is much less watchable. Together with the new, crisp, video signal, our movie watching experience was nigh-unto theater-like for image quality as well as relative size.

HDMI Carries Audio and Video:

HDMI cables contain the added benefit of carrying video and audio signals with a single cable. This not only saves cost on additional cabling, but also cleans your likely crowded A/V hubs. My buddy could gain back a now-unnecessary SPDIF fiber optic audio cable that cost him a fairly penny. While I know there are audioholics out there who'd argue the main advantages of fiber optic over copper cabling, for your purposes the sound was identical.