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Several major performance indexes of projectors

Several major performance indexes of projectors

tomato sztomato.com 2017-07-05 09:29:33
The performance index of china android projector is a sign to distinguish the grade of projector. The main indexes are as follows:
Light output
Refers to the projector output light energy, the unit is "lumen" (LM). With the light output of a physical quantity is the brightness, refers to the surface of the screen by light irradiation light energy and screen area ratio, brightness units commonly used is the "lux" (LX, 1lx=1lm/m2). When the projector output light through certain, the greater the projected area, the lower the brightness, otherwise, the higher the brightness.

The factors that determine the light output of projectors are projection and fluorescent screen area, performance and lens performance. The fluorescent screen usually has large area and large light output. The projector lens with a liquid coupling lens has good performance, and the light output of the projector can be correspondingly improved.

Horizontal scanning frequency
The movement of electrons from left to right on the screen is called horizontal scan, also called line scan.

Number of times per second is called horizontal scan frequency scanning, horizontal scanning frequency video projector is fixed, 15.625KHz (PAL) or 15.725KHz (NTSC) scanning frequency data and image projector is not a frequency band; in this band, the projector can automatically track the input signal frequency, and achieve complete synchronization by PLL circuit the input signal frequency.

The horizontal scanning frequency is an important china android projector index to distinguish the projector grade. A projector with a frequency range of 15kHz-60kHz is usually called a data projector. An upper frequency exceeding 60kHz is often called a graphics projector.
Vertical scan frequency
The electron beam moves vertically and horizontally while horizontally scanning. This process is called vertical scanning. Each scan forms an image.

The number of scans per second is called the vertical scan frequency, and the vertical scan frequency is also called the refresh frequency. It indicates the number of times the image is refreshed per second. Vertical scanning frequency is usually no less than 50Hz, otherwise the image will flicker.
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