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Development Trend of Micro Projectors

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-27
From the current point of view of handheld projection, in its application or mostly stand-alone application-based, basic applications are basically MP3 / MP4 as entertainment, PDF / PPT presentation as a business application.

In the recent CES See the miniature projection products embedded in the phone, as the future direction of development to the mobile phone itself, the market capacity, micro-projection will be here in the shine.

In addition to the notebook miniature projection, without the screen micro-projection computer and many current Only in the power to see the application, etc., will become a micro-projection technology blooming glory stage.

Hand-held projection, since the 21st century, there are scientists and some large companies began to study, as a branch of the projection industry, its significance for the projection industry is very great.

Now, we have seen handheld applications in the stand-alone consumer electronics on many applications, each projection manufacturers also followed heavy attack, it should be said that handheld projection era has come, I believe that with the future of embedded handheld projection products To more and more available, hand-held projection of the future must be more bright, projection industry will become the LCD industry after the display area of ​​a new hot spot!