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Perfect Present -TV Box

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-05
Installing Kodi on Android TV Box used to watch video, watch live, play games, multi-screen interaction is a very good experience
Send colleagues - meeting cast screen artifact.

Yes, that is, such a small Android TV BOXES wholesale china, you can easily achieve the meeting cast screen, No data cable, No U disk, mobile phone can directly show ppt, simply employee benefits ah! This intimate small things, send colleagues to send leaders are not very practical?
Send parents - Square dance Divine Comedy free search
For parents, their demand for film and television and young people have a greater difference.Thus, choose a mass video resources with a smart TV box, not only the whole family can find what they want to see the program, it can According to preferences to intelligent push, you can easily find a variety of resources.

Full hd android tv box
as the future smart home of the lead, naturally, and ultimately, voice recognition and voice control. For parents of this age, learning to use some electronic products does have a little bit difficult. So as parents intimate children, children still try to choose a simple operation, easy to use electronic products, so that parents can easily find their own home to see the resources.

Now the TV box is equipped with a Bluetooth voice body remote control, just a remote control can let the TV understand your voice.