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Data line maintenance skills

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-22
One of the world's most tossing things is probably the data line. In fact, in daily life, as long as we "carefully conservation", the data line is not so easy to hang up today to give you recommend a few ways to maintain mobile phone data lines.

1, first sure to gently pull

The data line part of the joint is the most easy to cut off, so the usual time to treat the data line should be gentle. Otherwise a small hand was gone to see more than a hundred dollars. Second, you should hold the correct position to pull, as shown below:

2, pay attention to moisture and dust

Mobile phone data cable port has a small pin, a metal products, it is vulnerable to water and dust oxidation, improper maintenance will allow water and dust intrusion inside the cable, resulting in data lines can not work properly. Many people may find it very slow to transfer files with data lines, probably because the data lines are damp or damaged by dust.

3, find the correct corresponding pin

Above that, both ends of the data cable is a small metal pin, both ends of the side is connected to the phone, while connecting the computer, but they are different interfaces, and the pin is very fragile.