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Man selling TV sticks to provide erotic shows Thrilled thousands of dollars to buy mansion

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2018-01-17
A Hunan man through the preparation of the TV stick program, by a man in Shenzhen mass production and sales of equipment, through the integration of overseas web movies, television, foreign radio, pornographic video links, and rented the United States server remote network maintenance to form an illegal television network Involving 433 people in 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Since last year, many cases of such kind have been detected throughout the country. The profits obtained on such a criminal chain are staggering. The police revealed that wholesalers and retailers have benefited a very large sum of money. Some suspects use illicit profits to buy mansions worth over 10 million yuan in Shenzhen.

TV stick, seemingly a small U disk, but can link to many domestic and international television programs, the equivalent of online video collector. Some unscrupulous manufacturers to expand sales, the content of the Jurisprudence as a "selling point", has long been "open secret." In September 2015, the Public Security Bureau of Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, received clues that a netizen could sell television receivers over the Internet and claim to be able to watch a large number of obscene videos online through its "TV Stick". After investigation, this called "Universal Wizard" best android hdmi stick, is a new type of overseas television network receiving equipment, open it in the network terminal, you can watch 37 countries online movie and TV shows, listening to more than 1,000 radio stations, Contains a lot of pornography.

Public security organs deep exploration and found that this "TV stick" comes from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Hao Yu Jia Technology Co., Ltd.. Suspected Zhang set up processing "OEM hdmi android stick" equipment manufacturing plant, and wholesale sales of more than 10 sets of equipment throughout the country. The other major criminal suspect in the case, Zhou, integrated the Internet movie, television, overseas radio stations and obscene videos through the preparation of "Global Elves" TV program and rented the U.S. server for network remote update and maintenance and organized professional production Commercial mass production and sales, involving 433 provinces and cities nationwide.
So far, by a humble "TV stick", pull out the TV program development, server start-up, manufacturing, wholesale sales of the entire link chain. Criminals to develop and set up a set of hardware and software systems, editing encryption, the sale of illegal Internet TV to customers, the equivalent of an unlicensed, without credentials network television system, and intensive management. Why is there a market? "Huang" is one of the important reasons: In order to promote the sales of "Global Elves" in Yongzhou, Hunan, more than 3,000 porn videos were uploaded to Zhou. Simply buy a android hdmi tv stick 4K and enter the password to watch online. Purchase the " Taiwan Chinese TV "TV service, you can watch" Adult Radio "rolling 24-hour pornographic programs; the market was once hot," Taiwan Digital Sky "offers a variety of packages, the most popular adult porn programs ... ...

It is understood that the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television jointly with public security, net letter, the letter, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments, the manufacture and sale of illegal television network receiving equipment and other acts of heavy blow. Under the severe crackdown, the more influential illegal television network receiving devices such as "Kabo", "Ekui", "Taishuo" and "Sea Orange Sky", as well as the "Taitai Video", "Rabbit Video", "TV Cat" Live "" Cloud TV "" Dragon Live "and a number of illegal Internet TV client software was investigated and dealt with, the market openly selling illegal television network receiving equipment has been an overall improvement.