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Which is better about HDMI or component video

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-04

As HDMI contacts be a little more plus much more widely used, we are often asked: which is better, HDMI or component video? A better solution, in fact, is just not cut-and-dried.

First, one note: everything said here's as applicable to DVI as to HDMI; DVI appears on less and less consumer electronic products continuously, so isn't as often asked about, but DVI and HDMI are essentially the same as each other, image-quality-wise. The key differences are that HDMI carries audio and also video, and works on the different form of connector, but both utilize same encoding scheme, and that's why a DVI source may be connected to an HDMI monitor, or the other way around, which has a DVI/HDMI cable, without any intervening converter box.

The upshot of this article--in case you aren't inclined to see all the details--is it is very hard to forecast whether or not an HDMI connection will create a better or worse image than an analog component video connection. There may be significant differences between the digital along with the analog signals, but those differences aren't inherent in the bond type and instead rely on the functions from the source device (e.g., your DVD player) along with the display device. Why which is, however, takes a bit more discussion.

Several people per day are looking for an interconnection solution by trying for connecting HDMI to Component outputs by way of a cable because of their high-definition equipment. Unfortunately, this isn't dependent on rearranging wires and achieving the best form of connector. There's a fundamental analog versus digital incompatibility problem similar to the upcoming digital broadcast TV switchover versus your overall rabbit ears that receive analog broadcast signals. They're not compatible by leaving people confused the same as the poor fellow available.