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Although buy smart TV, TV box is still so much use!

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on :2017-07-10
Speaking of TV box, if you are two or three years ago about the note or you are TV box users, then you should be able to recall the TV box market is so hot, but with the popularity of smart TV, many people may feel that the TV box market will gradually shrink, the TV box may fade in fact, this might not be the case, the TV box has been standardized management, but we can get more quality content from the TV box, perhaps you also cannot do without TV Box android Support True Dolby Digital?

Android tv box Android 8.1

With smart TV, but also the TV box for what?
Recently, a friend asked what a good TV box a popular smart TV television is his home last year, the hardware will not be so fast to keep up, I simply ask for a moment, said he wanted to change the content, but he believes that for a new box access to television, the experience will be more fresh, choose a good PVR Media player Android tv box, running speed can also follow.

Android tv box Android 8.1

Or because the friend buy a TV box as a lot of people's thoughts, his TV content can not meet your needs, TV built-in hardware may not keep up the pace, which will force you to consider for a TV box, rather than replace the entire tv.

Ultra low upgrade costs determine the TV box as well as the market
Buy a market software and hardware aspect to achieve the first-class level of the Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box, there are many aspects of experience is not bad TV box can be selected, these inputs are compared directly to change a TV, it is too low.
Android tv box Android 8.1