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What's the function of a TV box?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-08-25
1. the role of the PVR Media player Android tv box:
One is watching TV for free at the expense of image quality, the source network to watch TV, wins in the free, but at this stage the quality and fluency is far from the cable TV, and visual short-term can not solve;

Two is to obtain a large number of integrated non advertising high-definition video resources, 10M broadband above, 720P basic smooth play, while the movie drama update speed;

Three is attached to the traditional form of television, more easily accessible to middle-aged and elderly people, the screen is large, the use of remote control, no keyboard and mouse, for middle-aged and elderly people, increased ease of use;

Four is the gameplay variety, in the future is expected to become the core of family entertainment, at present, can support remote download, game, family support for the KTV, toss.
2., buy smart TV and buy PVR Media player with HDMI input, what are the characteristics of each?:
(1) is preparing to buy a TV, the living room is the bedroom large size or small size, natural smart TV is a good choice, the same even cheaper price, which has all the functions of the TV box, and less consider the wire of a device;

(2) smart TV manufacturers insert a little more things. In comparison, the Android tv box with video recording is comparatively free.

(3) panel quality is still on the sidelines. For ordinary consumers, listening to profit models and so on, the difference between the panels is directly determine the quality of television.