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The 4 most commonly used functions of a TV box

The 4 most commonly used functions of a TV box

tomato sztomato.com 2017-10-09 16:02:01
The Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box has the function of general is to see a large chase drama, really good, but the TV box features far more than these, now Xiaobian take you look at the Android Smart TV Box which have practical and fun function..

Function 1: multi screen interaction
Because the relationship between the policy, often there will be some TV video software to stop the service, or can not use this time, if you want to watch on TV, you must install a browser or a multi screen interactive, multi screen interactive also can push on the mobile phone video and pictures, this the function is practical.
Function two: watch Baidu, SkyDrive content
This must not be more than I say, in fact, many people will be on the resource site in advance to see their own video upload or save to your SkyDrive, you can very convenient to watch it!

Function three: remote push file
A file push, is similar to the LAN play, but sometimes push some files on TV also and this function can also There are plenty of people who, push video and image files, generally speaking, is very convenient!

Function four: free to watch live broadcast
Best Android TV Box HDMI is restricted by related policies, and does not have the function of watching live TV directly, so we need to use the three party software to realize the function of watching live TV for free.