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The letv is being renamed or designated as "the Xinle intellect."

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-11-28
As people are accustomed to this, Sina Technology has shown that ownership of the "LETV" trademark belongs to the business, music and sports listing system, and will be renamed to an unlisted system in the future. Also as a music film (Mini TV Internet Tablet)Renamed as "Xinle visual entertainment", the company's newly renamed work is designated as "Xinle visual intellectual" and the logo is changed.

By the end of September, LETV had informed the company to change its name to Xinle (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd. In return, LETV had added the operating system of listed companies and changed the film industry.

The other side of the name change is business change. The music video industry was renamed Xinle image entertainment, the position is mainly in the development of IP, vertical implementation of IP, the development of the derivative to create a closed loop in the vertical. The music industry has now submitted an application for a change of name.
In addition, Xinle will focus on building an open ecosystem in the future. It will open the content to other video platforms and find the big screen entertainment market of the family.

According to news sources, when the name was changed to "Xinle Chi Home," it also meant a change of orientation to the wisdom of the family. However, depending on the song, the song is a matter of urgency, while the smart TV home sales strategy is something real.

In October this year, after the resignation of CEO Liang Jun, Mr. Xinle saw the establishment of a new music management board. Zhang Zhaoren, Chairman of the Executive Board, Xinle Liu Shuqing, as vice chairman of the new Song Hongbin, Zhang Zhiwei, Yuan Bin and Li. Yuhao is a member of the board.Android TV BOX with 3G / 4G SIM card slot
Previously, there was a message that Sun Hongbin had started Xinle to change its name, including music video, music and music, and music, and entertainment, such as Xinle, the formation of cultural and recreational plates. In Sun Hongbin's plan, it is hoped that this system will be linked with the previous project from Wanda.