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TV box 5 cold knowledge, I do not know 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-11-02
Item two: Hot pull box joint
The so-called "hot drawing" refers to the smart android tv box is in the boot or is using the state of the file, unplug the connector.

This point includes a power supply connector and data source adapter (TF card, U disk and so on); direct power supply will lead to the processing system, the box has not yet been written in flash memory data loss.

Direct hot drawing data source joint will directly cause the file cannot be opened normally, if a sudden power failure is brush, system upgrades and other special circumstances, it may lead to the box to boot, this point is particularly important.

Event three: over trusted wireless transmission
Today's TV boxes generally support dual frequency WiFi, and some smart TV box in Shenzhen brands even cancel the wired network interface directly.

Small partners need to understand:

In most cases, wired transmission is more stable and faster than wireless transmission, especially the dependence on the network environment is also smaller.
Item four: the number of single sided core
To say the most care is certainly buy box hardware performance, core number, frequency becomes the main standard lot buddy evaluation box advantages and disadvantages; knowing the influence determinants of box CPU depends on chip architecture.

For example, the 64 bit quad core processor in some large manufacturing companies is more powerful than the 32 bit 8 core processor that is produced by most small plants.

Event five: focus on current hardware requirements
4K, H.265, HDR, MEMC and other hard decoding is now being popular cutting-edge display technology, but also to measure the TV box (smart TV) key indexes, with low purchasing cost Smart TV Box HDMI Input , the user can start 300-500 yuan in high-end box products.