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TV box 5 cold knowledge, I do not know

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-11-01
Today, smart TV, intelligent projection, Android Set Top Box HDMI input, these smart home appliances are becoming at least one of the living room entertainment source in each family.

Say, these intelligent terminal operation mode is very simple, but with the extension of the use of time, Caton, not Ucan

Even directly need to return to the factory maintenance and other issues began to appear, not only affect the viewing experience, but also cause some unnecessary expenses, in fact, this is mostly due to the unreasonable use habits caused.

HDP market survey in the early days will be popular for some household smart appliances cold knowledge and precautions, and later is a number of brush skills tutorials and optimization proposals, hoping to help everyone.

This issue and we chat TV box 5 large knowledge.

Item 1: don't cut off the box power
Buddy had Tucao XX box false shutdown to posing as the response speed, in fact almost all TV boxes are like this, in the remote control press after the shutdown, TV Box android HDMI video recording can only enter a dormant state, and will not cut off the power supply, so that the benefits of rapid response.

And there are two main disadvantages:

1, power-consuming

2, there is no release of system space (some small partners say that after restarting the Best Android TV Box HDMI or card is because of this)