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The choose to buy Android TV or non-Android TV plus Android TV box

  • Author:tomto
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2018-02-05
This is a cliché question, let's compare and analyze.

Separate smart TV:
Advantages: the structure is relatively simple, do not have to consider the line finishing problems;
Disadvantages: the key to the processing chip replacement frequency fast, high cost out.

General TV + TV box:
Advantages: box hardware low cost, easy to upgrade, want to change;
Disadvantages: more connection to a TV connection.

In actual terms, television is not a replacement of high frequency electrical appliances, generally more than 5 years is also normal. However, no matter it is a smart TV or a TV box, the main computing power is on the watch. As the application is upgraded, the current smart TV can surely bring Caton experience in the future. Of course, it must be pointed out that it is hard to find "non-smart TVs" in stores now. To find support for HDR technology, while not a smart TV, you can expect even more difficult. Therefore, the proposed subject or in accordance with the "comfortable to watch" standard to buy television. If the TV encounter Caton, then buy a Best TV Box HDMI Input to deal with this situation. The use of "smart TV + box" combination to bypass the television itself Caton problem.

In addition, HDR is another popular concept after 4K. The Chinese name is high dynamic light rendering. Simply put, the brightness level of the screen is richer. "Brighter parts, darker parts and better colors". But in fact, even with HDR-enabled TVs, there is a need for content that supports HDR, and the content is very small now and is still relatively poor. Finally, it should be pointed out that if the output of the connected box is HDR, then the TV can also produce HDR normally.

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