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The skill of using TV box 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-11-08
3, mobile phone remote control: some TV box provides a remote mobile phone version, as long as the installation of mobile phone remote control application in the user's iPhone or Android mobile phone, you can put the intelligent mobile phone into a remote control, very easy to use.

4, game: new Android TV Box with Android 6.0 game experience is useless, the game must be the first cross screen game, because the TV is not as flat as it looks, so a large number of vertical screen game can not play, then, somatosensory games can not play, because the TV is not holding a tilt rotation, so all kinds of traffic jam games can not play, once again, a remote controller or wireless mouse only a single click operation, so the multi touch games also missed the game, finally, also need specifically for the TV remote control HD 1080p tv box optimization, operation of remote control can not be removed, after several rounds of elimination, the rest of the game may be only very few, experience in the game, compared to the tablet computer touch screen experience difference of several grades, so this game is not to play with the game, at least The handle of the game machine operating experience is better than the remote control. 
In general, currently on the market a lot of TV box products, but TV applications are relatively lagging behind, some of the traditional Internet video site did not promote the application of TV, which to some extent affected the development of the TV box, in addition, the development of the TV box will encounter obstacles in policy, enterprises need to cooperate with the TV box in order to launch the product and get integrated Internet TV license of the enterprise, it also allows the TV box into a lack of an application, the business model is not clear but the dilemma, with the Internet companies and traditional TV companies have launched TV boxes and smart TV products, the rapid development of the future has been gradually opening, is expected to the outbreak of the Full hd android tv box period soon will come.