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Third-party application of millet box is limited

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2018-01-10
On the official introduction page of the millet box, Xiaomi made it clear that all the three Android TV BOX with  LTE WCDMA sold have advertisements in the form of power-on and power-off ads, videos can not be deleted, changed, and third-party advertising video can not be controlled. "

Users will also see all kinds of advertisements pushed by millet after they buy a cost-effective TV box. Since millet boxes support the installation of third-party APPs, users can also avoid millet-provided advertisements by installing other software as much as possible. However, The way it is getting harder and harder now.
According to the information provided by the netizens, a few days ago after millet box system was upgraded, millet used a variety of means to restrict users to use third-party APPs. For example, a user who wants to find his own app needs to pull down several times on the home page, and his unofficial application Be prompted for risk.

In terms of advertising, it has always been the traditional profit-making mode of Xiaomi's Internet ecology(Best Android TV Box HDMI). Prior to the release of MIUI8 on millet, it also had a bigger opinion on this profit-making approach. I wonder if it will change in the future.