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Amazing! TV box

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-10-16
TV box is a small computing terminal, simply by HDMI or color line technology to connect it with traditional TV, can realize web browsing, video playback, network applications installed on the traditional TV, mobile phone, you can even be flat in the photo and video projection in the home of the big screen television.

At present, TV boxes can be divided into three categories, one is shopping for the heavy box, and the other is the TV box for young people. And there's a Bluetooth 4.0 Android Smart TV Box for my parents. It can broadcast the content of the Internet through its TV, previously known as the network HD player in the field of the Internet, and then was defined as the Internet TV set-top box by sarft. It can be referred to as "Internet TV" together with the smart TV that can access the internet".

The industry believes that with the increasing emphasis on copyright issues in the country, the "free lunch" on the True Dolby Digital Android tv box will be less and less, and its market competitiveness will also weaken. At present, most of the smart TV in the function and use, has even exceeded the Android Smart TV Box with SATA 3.0, more manufacturers in the new development process also will function set-top box built-in TV, so the TV boxes and smart TV in the future or fit".