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The TV box can only be watched live Jest!

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-09-07
The network TV box appeared very early, free to watch the massive video resources is its biggest characteristic, then with the norms of the market of non genuine resource is more and more difficult, but in recent years the video platform in the content into more and more, through the built-in video platform box can see the content has a lot of rich.

Use the Internet TV box can let the old TV revitalized, even smart TV, if you are dissatisfied with its configuration, system, content, also can through the Internet TV box easily experience to upgrade, in order to obtain a better viewing experience, these practical functions must know.

Wireless screen:
Now the network True Dolby Digital Android tv box generally support AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast three kinds of agreements, iOS equipment AirPlay protocol, for example, if you want to put the phone photos, video on television, how to do? Open the control center from the mobile phone to slide on the bottom of the screen, click on the "AirPlay mirror", to find the corresponding connection network Android Smart TV Box with SATA 3.0, TV and mobile phone will directly display the content, to share with the family photos, video is very simple.

Wireless screen projection function more than that, it says, Internet TV content has a lot of rich, but for copyright reasons, some of the content on the big screen can not directly watch, then you can use AirPlay to mobile phone in the APP video content to watch for the big screen TV, want to see what is not restricted.
NAS file sharing:
Network PVR Media player Android tv box comes with storage space will not be too big, want to see high-definition movies, often with the aid of U disk, mobile hard disk and other storage devices, in fact, box can play movies directly from NAS. Because the TV box with NAS in the same LAN, a lot of network TV box provides network neighborhood function, can be directly read NAS in the video and audio files, and finally through the HDMI output to the TV set, not to copy to copy, very convenient.

In fact, NAS is not something that enterprises can afford. Individuals can also set up at home, and they are not as difficult as they think.