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Teach you how to choose the smart network TV box! Never regret!

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-07-26
Since the birth of intelligent network set-top box, with its rich Internet applications and online video widely acclaimed, intelligent Android open architecture extension lets intelligent network set-top box is no longer confined to the movies tv series, but integrated application of games, shopping, learning and life in all aspects, with the original factory of hardware and the software update iteration, True Dolby Digital Android tv box has some attributes of a blu ray player in decoding. Then, in 2017, intelligent network set-top boxes should be how to choose?
How should smart network set-top boxes be selected in 2017?

First, the chip selects a 64 bit processor
Along with the more demanding requirements of the entertainment performance of intelligent network set-top box and TV Box android HDMI video recording, intelligent network carries more computation and application as mentioned earlier games, shopping, learning, life and other aspects, especially the later versions of Android 5.1 (Android 5.1) is equipped with 64 more the software system, so we should choose a 64 bit processor chip in the purchase.
Second, select large memory, eMMC high-speed flash memory
Memory decision fluency system running smoothly and the application of intelligent network operation of the set-top box, on 2017 the new intelligent network set-top box are equipped with 2GB large memory, relative to the TV end of APP is enough popular; and the flash memory on the market are mainly NAND and eMMC flash two, ordinary set-top box NAND flash only about 8-15MB/s read speed, and the reading and writing speed of eMMC is more than 23MB/s, the UDP Broadcasting Android tv box using eMMC, boot speed, APP boot speed will greatly enhance, has a more smooth operation experience.