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What kind of TV doesn't hurt your eyes

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-12-28
TV sets are harmful to health. This understanding, now not only has a broad social basis, but also increasingly become a "vendor marketing" tool. For example, the anti Blu ray liquid crystal does not hurt the eye, the OLED TV has no blue light protection, the laser TV's reflection bionic imaging protection and so on. - it seems that all   Bluetooth 4.0 Android Smart TV Box  can be "healthy eyes". So what is the truth?
The national health and Safety Bureau of France has warned: "exposure to long term, repeated exposure to LED light beams containing large amounts of blue light will increase the risk of cataract and lesions on the retina due to cell oxidative stress." Taiwan researchers have done experiments with the strain of "high frequency blue light macular disease" in the fundus of mice. It does prove that the "high frequency blue light" is harmful. As far as television is concerned, it is a "healthy" technique to minimize and filter the blue light of 450 nanoscale wavelengths.
However, for the understanding of this issue, many people lack of comprehensiveness: first, the occurrence of blue light hazards of high frequency, must achieve enough "dose", namely high strength, long time will directly lead to irreversible disease harm; second, only special products is not high frequency Blu ray TV(streaming tv box manufacturer), for example, in the light of the sun will contain a large number of high frequency high frequency blue light - if the damage is very large, blue light "does not need to cover up the sun. Therefore, the danger of high frequency blue light is suspected by marketing exaggeration, and blue light technology is a good technology, but the effect should not be exaggerated.

So from a healthy point of view, what is the real reason for the right and left eyes and the whole health of the consumer? The answer is "the right habit of science." Reading should have the right rest and posture; watch TV also have the right rest and posture; the specific work must also have safety protection and correct work and rest... That is, a good habit of living, including the "good habit" of watching TV, is the root of real health.

Secondly, the key factors leading to TV caused health problems is what? Is the high frequency blue light, strobe, or imaging? The answer is that these are not the biggest problem! Appeared in "TV the way": that is, to see how long, there is no good rest; watch posture is correct, there is no oppression the abdomen, cervical and lumbar and lower limb; viewing distance is not science, especially the big TV(Android TV Box with 3G/4G) is very popular now, is not a small living room TV configuration, too close to the TV; parameter adjustment is not scientific, not too bright, watch the environment is too dark.

As long as consumers have a good working and living habits, good viewing habits, health is not a problem; on the contrary, even the so-called health TV, is still difficult to long-term is not correct, unhealthy habits, eyes and other health problems. - this is just like a passage on the Internet: the kitchen knife is not guilty, although it can kill