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What is hard solution? Soft solution???

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-09-18
"Hard solution" and "soft solution" in decoder"
Solution: the solution is hard hard to complete the need in the machine special decoder chip, quality and technical ability for manufacturers, parts manufacturers strong technical strength, compatibility and decoding effect to do better, and some manufacturers technical strength is a bit poor, compatibility and decoding effect do best.

Soft solution: soft solution is to use CPU to decode, it needs CPU's performance and processing ability is stronger, but convection media format compatibility is better, because the soft solution library is our own development, quality we can control.
So hard solution or soft solution is good: I think if it is to take millet box to see live, so hard solution or soft solution difference is not big, the important thing is the quality of the program source. When watching the live broadcast, the smoothness of the solution is better than the hard solution. This is why sometimes one channel at the decoder is hard when the solution will Caton, switch to the soft solution can be solved. If the local video is broadcast, then the resolution of the hard solution is definitely better than the soft solution. Because the hard solution is to use the special GPU video decoder chip to process the local video. Of course, if you want to watch live programs without cards, choose hard solutions, because video can be optimized by using a special video decoder chip to optimize the playback quality.

Sum up in one sentence:
The resolution of the hard solution is good, the network requirements are high, the smoothness of the soft solution is good and the support of the streaming media is good. We can choose according to the different playing conditions and network requirements. Switching between hard and soft solutions allows you to press the remote control button in the program to bring up the menu. You'll see the decoder options in the middle of the menu.
When we watch live program cards, we can first select the source of the program to adjust, and secondly, we can adjust the decoder, "hard solution" or "soft solution" to switch. Especially for Hong Kong and Macao program, only one case of sources. You can only optimize by adjusting the decoder.

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