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Projectors impact several major areas!

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-25
The so-called mini projector also known as miniature projection. 

Mainly through the 3M LCOS RGB three-color projection machine and 720P chip decoding technology, the traditional large projector compact, portable, miniaturization, entertainment, practical, so that projection technology closer to life and entertainment.

1. completely replace the MP5 player, video, listen to songs, play games, e-books, picture browsing, etc., MP5 video by physical performance, the screen can not be large, and this thing screen at least 20 inches.

2. In addition to the TV function, the machine can be built-in CMMB function, you can also connect directly to the set-top box TV, during the day when the 21-inch TV to see, at night when the 60-100 inch TV, home theater effect; easy to move, breaking the traditional film and television space The Micro-cast no radiation, pregnant women, myopia crowd to do a full protective effect, its low-power function, relative to the color power consumption of 1/1000000.

3, The projector life is more than 1000 hours, inconvenient to carry, miniature projector, the price of 3000 dollars or so, the lamp life 30000 hours, 3 years do not need to change the light bulb, easy to carry, the salesman to demonstrate the new product only need to bring the miniature projector, which can achieve the demonstration effect.