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Buy a projector or a smart TV?

Buy a projector or a smart TV?

tomato sztomato.com 2017-06-22 10:11:46
With the growing popularity of smart products, do you want to choose a projector or continue to use TV? I think I'm not alone in thinking about it, but there's no standard answer to this question. It varies from person to person. So what kind of demand would you choose TV? What kind of demand is best to choose the projector?

Screen size
The most striking difference between the android projector china and the TV show is the projection screen, which, from the screen, is a big, big screen, whether it's a phone or a TV. Projectors are basically started 100, 200 inches, and size can be adjusted according to their own needs, and television to 80 inches above have very few, so, in the choice on the screen, projector.

Space requirements is a crucial factor, and the relationship between the product itself is not big, but in the reality of the treasure land environment, buy a big TV must occupy a wall fixed space, basically for today's young people, stateroom does not seem to be the mainstream of the house, and the principle of china android projector because it determines its you just need to white wall of one side, if you install the curtain, the position is more flexible. Where do you want to place it, and the curtain can be picked up, and the machine itself does not occupy much space, and the flexibility is high.

Service life
Spend money on things we all hope that the life of the product is unlimited, although it is difficult to achieve, but the service life of a brand TV he basic are in more than 10 years, but the projector is washed-up, projector basic in five years or so, the service life of the product itself but he has a fatal weakness that is the light bulb, on the basis of existing technology, the service life of the projector bulbs are calculated based on hours, one to two years later the brightness of the light bulb in the large attenuation, need to change, and change a need hundreds to thousands of.

Projector is a commercial turn of civilian products, only in recent years began to appear in the sitting room in the family, so although the projector operation is quite simple, but for home and the old man is still a need to solve this problem, and TV in the family for a long time, relatively speaking, the old man has learned how to control, of course, for young people don't need to consider the problem. For more informaton, you can click here mini projector cable company.