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You must know these before you buy a projector

You must know these before you buy a projector

tomato sztomato.com 2017-06-19 10:08:52
Today, we're going to talk about android projector china that are often used by home theater units, speaking of projectors, with tiny hand-held, far focus, short focus and so on.This is actually divided into LCD and DLP.

The difference between LCD, DLP
LCDS are generally low in lumming (brightness), but the colour effect is better and the saturation is high. High price, LCD is the reflector!
Two, DLP divided 3 color wheel and 6 color wheel, now generally is 6 color wheel, make up color problem, DLP technology projection brightness is high, black and white contrast is tall! High lumen! The price is moderate, the DLP is the color wheel high-speed turn implementation!
A few considerations for projection selection
First, usage?
If you want to start a family cinema, look at the pictures more colour such as video media, advised to choose a LCD projector, its color effect is good, color reduction degree good, good effect of course!

Second, use the environment?
Why use the environment? Because everyone's use environment is different, can't be a person cloud, see what product is evaluated good buy what, follow the wind you be wrong!
Look at these points:

The environment you use
How big is your projector, 80 inches? 100 inches? 120 inches? Higher or lower;
The projection wall or curtain is the distance from your projected distance.
Normal 100 - inch screen, mini projector cable company projection needs about 3 meters 5 distance projection and wall body, if the projector and the projection wall too close, just choose short focal projection! The shorter distance projection is larger and the position is moderate, but the short focus or normal projection is optional! If you need a projection and projection wall distance, but don't want to large projection screen, then select telephoto projection, if bought short focal projection or projection normal that you can only move the projector or curtain wall to appropriate location;
Anyway, small big, want to go to small buy far, want to buy big buy short focus;

3, lumens,
Lumen is brightness, and mobile phones, too bright is dazzling, low luminance affect the visual experience can't see, projection, too, according to your size and projection and curtain distance using the environment, to buy the right lumens degrees of projection, the best experience, normal 100 flat area of room 100-2900 lumens, if buy projection need big telephoto lumens projection, short focal buy low lumens! 

4, functionality,
Interface: projection now generally with HDMI, AV, VGA, input/output interface, many manufacturers touting product interfaces, actually there is no use, however, we often use the HDMI, all understand, VGA interface is the interface of computer monitor, can be used for computer, notebook signal output to the projection, AV interface is an old TV set, cable lotus yuantong interface, rarely now!

Wireless: this function is very small, mobile phone connection projection need china android projector support wireless capabilities, and wearing matching module implementation, meeting PPT images can also, don't want to see the video, in a word, card! At the high end, too! And the modules are expensive!

Resolution: now go to choose and buy projection, low projection 800 * 600, apply to office meeting; 1024 * 768 is suitable for all kinds of occasions, 1080P is suitable for watching movies, of course the scope is wider! The general meeting recommends 1024 * 768, and don't hesitate to choose 1080P in the home theater!

The picture ratio, 4:3, 16:9, etc., the projection can be adjusted normally, recommend the selection standard 16:9, widescreen! Now video and so on!
After that, I believe that you have your own ideas when you buy a projector, and you know what kind of product you need!