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application environment of projectors 2

application environment of projectors 2

tomato sztomato.com 2017-07-06 09:22:52
Today, I will show you some application environment of android projectors china.

5, professional theater projectors: this kind of projector more attention to stability, emphasis on low failure rate, its heat dissipation, network function, the use of convenience and so on projectors do very well.

Of course, in order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the camera is its high brightness, its brightness can reach more than 5000 lumens, high can exceed 10000 lumens. Because of the huge volume, heavy weight, usually used in special applications, such as theatres, museums, city hall, public areas, can also be used in monitoring, traffic police command center, fire and air traffic control center environment.

6, measuring projector: this kind of projector is different from the above several types of projectors, early called contour projectors, with the popularity of the grating, projectors are installed on the grating with high accuracy, it is also called measuring china android projector (or projector, such as a famous domestic measuring projector Crosby production company CPJ-3015), for the projector the difference with the traditional open, this kind of projector is called measuring projector.

Its main function is to product parts through the transmission of light to form an enlarged projector, and then use standard film or grating ruler to determine the size of the product. Due to the development of industrialization, this kind of measuring projector has become one of the most commonly used inspection instruments in manufacturing industry. Regular projection is divided into vertical projectors and horizontal projectors.

According to the standard of alignment, they are divided into contour projector and digital projector. For more information, please click How to put the ipad projection to the projector.