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Has your projector been maintained?

Has your projector been maintained?

tomato sztomato.com 2017-06-22 10:28:15
After the Internet developed in the 21st century, young people like to watch TV and movies on screens like computers and mobile phones. People prefer to go to the cinema because the screen is big enough and good enough. But now, may the cinema is not the only viewing location, in the home also can enjoy the giant-screen cinema of super pleasure, that is, relying on the projector, since china android projector into the family, to become a member of the entertainment facilities, the consumers will open arms to embrace the new members of the family, its price lower, let people more and more with hd projectors. So the question is, how do we maintain our projectors so that they can last longer?

Storage location
The location of the projector: note that the hd projector cannot be placed near the water source, in case the container is accidentally tipped into the projector, which can seriously damage the projector. Don't put the projector where it's easy to step on, otherwise it might damage the projector. Don't treat the projector as a child's toy.

Vents: not placing objects in the ventilation slot and ventilation of the android projector china may affect the heat dissipation of the projector. Don't put the projector on the sofa, on the mat or other soft surfaces, or enclosed in small cabinets, unless it is well ventilated. When using the projector, the material or paper may block the air filter under the projector, and see if there are any objects that block the air filter under the projector.

How to clean

Note that there are two, one is cleaning the solvent, the other is cleaning. The first thing to say is that the optical lens of the cleaning projector can not use ordinary organic solvents. The organic solvent can corrode the lens. Normally, use neutral water to be ok. Second, it is wipes. Grab a piece of cloth to wipe the lens, hard fiber or solid hard dust particles in the cloth will produce unrecoverable hard scratches on the lens. It's best to use a clean cloth or dust-free paper for cleaning optical products.For more information, please click here mini projector cable company.

How to prevent dust

Dust is the invisible killer of the projector, and nearly half of the projector failures are caused by dust directly or indirectly, so it is important to do the dustproof and dustproof work. If dust accumulation is overmuch, which will have bad influence on the internal circuit boards, liquid crystal panels, and the air inlet fan plug, affect the air inlet into the wind, giving the inner temperature of the projector, if it is not clear in time the dirt of the projector, will increase the risk of projector parts fault, can also lead to serious bulbs burn even explode.