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Magnificent mini projector

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-26
The traditional projector is not easy to carry, the school classroom due to the students naughty, the projector on the classroom unsafe, easy to be students to break.

Miniature projector portability to make up for the teaching vacancies, after the teacher lectures only need to store the data in the projection The instrument can be displayed to the students to teach, save the textbooks and pen, chalk handwriting trouble.

china android projector, How to put the iphone projection to the projector 

The current projection to the home theater to enter the power of the TV has been defeated to occupy the pinnacle of the market, in particular, it has a unique CMMB function and then set the top of the box directly to watch the TV function, processing built-in storage, you can download the latest network movies and songs and other functions, Color TV can not be replaced.

In addition, the micro-cast no radiation, pregnant women, myopia, the crowd has done a full protective effect, its low power consumption, relative to the color power consumption of 1/1000000, completely impact the safety, environmental protection, health and other indicators.

For the future development of society to make a surprising contribution, stands in the green world's peak as a leading army.