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HDMI has five details to watch over LCD TV

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-16
With the popularity of the HDMI interface, also can appear some new problems in use, especially a lot of small details, should not be ignored, if not careful attention, may lead to serious trouble.

Details 1: HDMI can't be hot-pulled
One of the biggest advantages of the apple lightning to hdmi interface is that it is easy to use, as long as a single line, the audio video is all transferred. And the interface design is very convenient to pull plug, don't need to press any button to be able to plug easily. But this brings another problem, if it is plugged in or pulled directly under the boot, it can easily burn down the chip on the HDMI interface. So when you plug in the HDMI line, don't heat the plug, you have to close the TV and the hd DVD, and then you plug it in.
Details 2: the version 1.1 HDMI interface also sends 1080P signals
There has long been a myth that the china lightning to hdmi suppliers interface, which is more than 1.2, can transmit 1080P signals. In fact, the version 1.1 HDMI interface can also transmit 1080P signals.

Detail 3: a short distance transfer of 80 yuan HDMI cable will be fine
For most users, next to the hd player in the LCD TV, need HDMI cable is not more than 2 meters, short of 1 meter is enough, generally choose 1.5 meters lightning to hdmi adapter cable.

Detail 4: long-distance transmission has strict requirements for wire
Long-distance transmission is very strict with HDMI cables. The factors that determine the quality of HDMI are as follows:
The selection of raw materials. Good wire, core wire is silver-plated, and low price rotten line is tinned.
Production process. The insulation of the conductor's outer layer is closely related to the transmission quality, the low-grade foam production equipment can be 100,000 yuan, the high-end equipment up to 16 million yuan, the quality difference is very different.
Screen effect. Low gear production of HDMI line, the shielding effect is only 80 ~ 85%, and high-grade wire material screen efficiency is 95%.
Long distance transmission, in 1080 I or 1080 p signal transmission, the difference is not big, but 1080 p signal transmission, the requirement of wire rod is very strict, if line quality closes nevertheless, screen jumps in light and big erythema phenomenon, or no signal.

Detail 5: the HDMI cable is carefully buried in the wall
A lot of net friend when decorate like HDMI line in advance will be buried in the wall, you should be careful this way we think, unless it is projector, or to avoid as much as possible.