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HDMI cable has been some people mistaken for no use

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-13
More than any other cable category, premium hdmi to lightning adapter are maligned for being “not worth it.” This is mostly due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how digital works as well as oversight of all the functions an HDMI cable is tasked with. That said, there is an element of truth to what is often said about HDMI cables.

Two short length (let’s say 2m) cables of different qualities connected to identical systems will often be difficult to distinguish from one another in picture quality. This is because the error rate is very low on a short length cables and the hdmi to lightning cable signal contains extra bits for error correction. Sharp eyes may see differences in brightness, or errors when a lot of motion is present.

These video differences can be more pronounced as lengths increase, but are not always as clear as night and day. Premium cables are capable of reliably going longer distances at higher data rates. Because of this, most of the grumbling and pushback from naysayers is in regards to shorter cables. It should be said though, that errors do still exist on shorter cables and error correction is never ideal.

A premium cable, even in short lengths, will result in less error correction and a measurably better signal, even though the human eye might be easily fooled.While the human eye is easily fooled, the human ear is in many ways much more perceptive. Think of this … if you are trying to really hear something, what is the first thing you do? Close your eyes! This is because vision can be so deceptive. 

Don’t forget that micro usb to HDMI cable is not just a video cable, but is also an audio cable. It is THE audio cable for our most sophisticated consumer level surround formats, but audio is rarely mentioned, leaving all of the focus on video. For many reasons, audio is far more complicated to reproduce, and error correction is rarely proven effective.

This is partly due to the more freeform nature of audio verses video, as well as the ear’s sensitivity to timing errors (also known as jitter in the digital world). The audio differences in HDMI cables can be heard just as dramatically on even the shortest lengths, and improvements in the cable materials make a marked difference in the sound quality from all HDMI enabled devices.