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Electronic equipment needs to transmit digital signals by HDMI cable

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-05-04

Over a short length, the cables don't change lives. What's different is that regarding the component cables, the tv screen needs to convert the component analog signal to digital. In the case of the HDMI cable, the signal has already been digital. There can be a perceptible difference when the TV doesn't do the conversion well.

Putting aside image quality, the reason you should employ the HDMI cable would it be carries the HDCP signals, component doesn't. If your source device, say a cable box, searches for the HDCP handshake, and does not have it, it doesn't output an HD signal. When you need to watch HBO in HD from your cable box, you have to use HDMI or DVI.

I use the component cables. Then again, I spent about $60 to them (gold plated ends, large conductors, thick shielding, etc) for the video components and audio channels. And, I aquired them a short while ago, before HDMI cables were even around. The gap in performance between top-end component video cables and HDMI cables is negligent. But, should you only use standard RCA cables - like the cheap ones the satellite tv company will give you - you may not get nearly as good of quality because HDMI cables.