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About HDMI

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-13
Digital audio and video transmission is a very specialized field, I can not do the theoretical explanation, just introduce some experience for reference. HDMI cable in the video, especially the large size of the projector, different grades of lightning cable to hdmi, carefully contrast in the dark details will be some differences, but compared to power, the impact of the curtain, it should be said that HDMI line ordinary grade that can.

Done a lot of need to be embedded in the iphone 7 to hdmi TV project, HDMI cable connector fouling, linear distance and power cord parallel to the impact, and so is really helpless. Audio, HDMI cable pure HI-FI will not be used, apple lightning to hdmi is generally used in the source (Blu-ray or hard disk player majority) to the AV center (including AV pre-level), this really easy to hear the difference, like the concert and other content of the music can be more attention ; To feature film-based do not have to be too concerned about the subtle differences in the process of playing will be ignored.

1, the transmission of audio to the decoder or pre-decoding, the vast majority of people that the difference is obvious!
Some people explain: the same signal, but the signal output and wire delay will lead to different sound changes. Such as CD players and even wire to do shock is to prevent jitter.
2, there are a lot of people vowed that the video also has the difference between quality and style, poor wire rod error rate is high. But a magazine's evaluation is that this is purely nonsense
3, good wire, work will certainly be better.