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HDMI's future: to cater to the market or to a technology monopoly?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-16

HDMI as the standard for high-definition promoter, but also the user daily use hd video interface identifier, in consumer's eyes is an "old friend" of existence; The vigorous development of high-definition television, or the strength of the mobile devices, as a driving force behind the lightning to hdmi adapter cable and to take the responsibility of the technical innovation and market integration.

The mobile Internet era, HDMI seems to away with our daily life, based on standard USB3.1 Type - C model interface (hereinafter referred to as Type - C) promotion also let micro usb to HDMI cable fade away from our eyes, HDMI and Type - C what relationship? Are they products of market competition?

With these questions, I spoke to Rob Tobias, President and CEO of HDMI LA, at COMPUTEX 2017.
First talk about the Type - C interface features, Rob Tobias said Type - C today in the form of product advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the interface form and supply level and extensibility Type - C interface has a good performance, the market response is also very good.
Early Type - C interface is mainly used in mobile devices, such as PC now productivity terminals have been configured for the standard equipment, in this one would think that the Type - C will replace HDMI as the next generation of hd interface standard, actually this cognitive is wrong, apple lightning to hdmi and Type - C belongs to the relations of cooperation, support hd Type - C protocol is the authorization from the HDMI and technical support.

So from the interface form, if the Type - C interface became the user and the terminal equipment factory are willing to choose the form of the HDMI interface will impact, Rob Tobias respond to calm of answer: at present, some mobile phone, computer vendors will want to choose the Type - C so that a new form of interface to stimulate consumer market, but TV, projection and other traditional industries will be more willing to stick to some standard HDMI is a standard; In addition, HDMI is more of a high-definition protocol and technical support, and is less concerned about the problem of replacing the interface.