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HDMI mobile phone interconnection considerations

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-23
High-definition Multimedia Interface (English: High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI) is a kind of digital video/audio Interface technology, is a special digital Interface is suitable for video transmission, it can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, the highest speed of data transmission for 18 GBPS (version 2.0).

There is no need to perform a number/die or / / number conversion before the signal is transmitted.
HDMI can be matched with broadband digital content protection (HDCP) to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted audio content.

The additional space available for lightning to hdmi adapter cable can be used in future upgraded audio and video formats.

Because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal need less than 0.5gb/s, HDMI has a large margin. 

This allows it to connect a cable to a DVD player, a receiver and a PRR.

Please read the following notes carefully before making the HDMI phone connection:
1. Mobile Internet is only connected with mobile phones with micro usb to HDMI cable features.

2. The mobile phone with MHL function can connect the mobile phone through the special transfer wire harness.

3. The iphone does not support the interoperability, and supports the mobile phone screen projection to the on-board multimedia host function.

4. Some mobile phones need to use special MHL to transfer HDMI wire harness connection, otherwise they will not be connected.

5. Different mobile phone designs. Some phones are connected to HDMI and bluetooth, and the sound can only be exported from HDMI or by default from apple lightning to hdmi. Some phones can only output audio from bluetooth or, by default, output audio from bluetooth.

6. When the bluetooth connection is connected, some phones cannot automatically connect to the A2DP (bluetooth music). Recovery method: method 1, delete match rematch; Method 2: click on the bluetooth setup interface to connect bluetooth music.

7. Some android phones, the Home button may not work because the Home button is implemented via the bluetooth SPP Profile. Some phones can't support SPP Profile itself, showing that the calibration APP cannot be properly calibrated (the center of alignment is white) or SPP requires HFP and A2DP to connect to the same connection.

8. Some phones sometimes have no image output, but try to restart the phone before connecting.

9.Try rewiring or restarting the phone if there is a connection abnormality.