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How to upgrade the living room to a small home theater?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-06-12
In fact, this problem is very easy to do, but you have not yet begun to understand the theater's core equipment AV amplifier, or called the receiver, multi-channel signal input and at least 2 HDMI output, AV power amplifier now have hdmi to lightning cable pass through ( The lowest end may not have), in the use of TV box this low-quality source, or play ps4 do not want to open the sound only in the case of television, the amplifier can stand by the state, usually through the TV, projection speakers can be ignored, so When the projection is sure to open the amplifier.
Pass through the sure power consumption, heat, but you can set a total power switch, because these things are standby electricity, but also afraid of lightning and surge. Now in the decoration to be buried on a hdmi cable 1080p hdtv adapter it, the projector hoisting, then the height of the rear box with the height of almost from the hanger out. HDMI wireless transmission can only choose WHDI equipment, the real full rate without delay, but now the price is still very expensive, I used five years ago, then to 3k, now 1.5k is still not worthwhile.

Just now on the idea, but also talk about the sound engineering, only in the amplifier and TV location of the TV cabinet wall embedding, two sets of speaker lines and a group of micro usb to HDMI cable can be. In fact, I still recommend to buy a projection of money for the 84-inch TV bar (a little exaggerated, but 70-inch problem is not big) ........... or use low gray is also very troublesome thing, 3.7 M for the projection is still small, good projection focal length are not too short, the short picture of the deformation is not good.

Moreover, in order to accommodate the curtain, the ceiling at the bottom of the hollow ah, there are hanger, house decoration is not good, The projection can not change the fact that can not turn on the lights can not be bright, the more expensive the more so, black light Xiahuo time long so uncomfortable ah, the electric screen for a long time there is relaxation ah, unless there is a special audio and video room, + Projection, more appropriate, the general living room or forget, play the first request to have a separate room.