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What should I pay attention to in the TV box? 5 great knowledge must not be unknown! 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-08-30
Priority wired networks do not rely too much on wireless
Now on the market are almost the smart android tv box supports dual band WIFI, and even some of the box with the wired network interface are cancelled; but in most cases, cable transmission, or to be more stable, more quickly than wireless, less requirement of network environment, the cable network using TV box also more fun.

Recommendation: wired network priority, sub election wireless network.

Not only for the pursuit of high, configuration
HDR, H.265, MEMC and so on support technology is used in the mini android internet tv box, very popular and cutting-edge, but for ordinary home users only, configuration good enough, if the TV at home only 1080P resolution, it is not necessary to buy 4K TV box, a good enough. 100-300 yuan, 400-600 yuan, low-end to high-end, you can choose, but it is more recommended to choose high-end TV box!

Error: only pursuit of high configuration

Correct: just as well as enough
Only partial core number
The number of cores, frequency is always judge the merits of the standard box, is the main selling point of many businesses, but the influence of TV box CPU in addition to the chip, but also the chip architecture, for example, some large enterprises producing 64 bit quad core processor TV box than most small factory of the 32 8 core processor performance more Android tv box HDMI input for video recording.

Right: try to choose big brands

Error: just look at the kernel

I do not know whether you have the help of the above, I hope to help you; in addition to the television box try to put in place away from water and sun, kept dry, super bad weather such as thunder lightning not as much as possible.